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hi! I'm sorry, I don't know if it's you or your spouse (or both! or either?) who is willing to answer awkward sex questions, or if this is the wrong time to ask awkward sex questions, but----butt stuff? Anal, for girls? Is it good/worth it? I mean, forgive my lack of understanding, but I thought the prostate (which I thought was just something males of a species had?) was what made it pleasurable? is that something you and Stiffler do? (sorry if that is too awkward/personal/beendone to ask!)




I usually get the sex questions because Stiffler will be a little too graphic or harsh about certain things, and I’m always happy to answer. 

For people who have vaginas, yes, butt stuff is definitely a thing. In our relationship, we honestly do more “butt stuff” than “vagina stuff.” And while it usually people with prostates that get a lot of enjoyment out of anal sex, people without them can experience equal (or, depending on who ask, even more) amounts of pleasure. 

In fact, anal sex can stimulate a variety of fun body pleasure-zones in non-prostate-havers: there’s a ton of nerves, not only in the rectum, but also around/in the opening of your butt-butt; especially the pudendal nerve, which everybody has and makes a lot of different sex play feel pleasurable, including anal.

There’s also some vagina-havers who feel ‘g-spot’ stimulation only or especially during anal sex. And the anus is actually connected by nerve fibers and muscles to the clitoris (which science is just now starting to discover is actually much bigger internally) and contracts the same as the vagina during orgasm, so a little bit of play goes a long way.

Basically: vaginas are actually a lot less sensitive than anal walls, with fewer nerve endings, so for some people anal sex is much more pleasurable and for others it may be too sensitive. 

As for recommending anal sex: I give it a definite Maybe! If you’re relaxed about it, prepare by going slow, using water-based lubes and having lots of foreplay (or even an orgasm or two) beforehand, then you’ll probably have a lot of fun.

Start by rimming and if you enjoy that, it’s probably a safe bet that you may enjoy a little more.

For Stiffler and I, we enjoy it in entirely different ways and at different points in our sex acts, we just had to work out exactly how and what those were — which is the same for any sex act, really. Anal sex just gets an unnecessarily harsh taboo, coupled with a lack of knowledge about the fact that it’s good, clean fun for anyone

K, simultaneously educating while shitting on your childhood, all in one fell swoop.


This is why I married her.

Both funny AND informative.


Jesus Christ, I just started choking up.

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but it really is so important to find people who don’t lose patience with you or get angry if you’re being irrational or insecure or downright ridiculous, it is so so necessary to be treated with gentleness from loved ones and not to be made to feel like you’re irritating or a burden

  • Jessie's Girl

Jessie's Girl
by Mary Lambert


in which a gay cover of one of the most quintessential modern american love songs is a thing that exists


'no homo' god says as he puts the male g-spot up their anus




Ravenclaws with huge communal bookshelfs that tower to the ceiling. It’s become tradition that when you leave Hogwarts, you leave behind a copy of your favorite book, so they have books dating back centuries.


Down the back corner of the far shelf sits a modern reprint of Newton’s Principia Mathematica. The prefects take it from the curious first years’ hands, chuckling. “You’re not ready for that one yet,” they say. “In another life, you might be, but in this castle, it’s going to be triply hard to understand. Let me recommend you some background reading first.”

Pride of place is Tolkein’s The Lord of the Rings, and it’s somewhat of an initiation ritual for purebloods to read it. The older students take bets on how long it will take each student to realise it’s not a history book.

The Shakespeare collection is quite large, and there’s an unofficial rule against enchanted translations of it. This came about when one frustrated reading group poring over Romeo and Juliet enchanted the book to read a modern, context-aware translation aloud, and filled the Common Room with vulgar swearing and dick jokes until somebody managed to shut it off. People still remark that the puns were pretty damn clever.

We are the granddaughters of the witches you weren’t able to burn.

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gender? ha, yeah, i totally have one of those, definitely, there’s some sort of a gender around here somewhere, gimme a second


Two unisex restroom doors, one painted with a unicorn, the other with a unicycle.
Cute as hell.


Two unisex restroom doors, one painted with a unicorn, the other with a unicycle.

Cute as hell.

“I once gave a girl a bloody fake ear in a Tiffany jewlery box with a letter that said ‘Will you Gogh to prom with me?’ Yeah, I guess I’m a romantic.” -Matthew Gray Gubler

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