After appearing on MTV’s Reality Show “True Life,” Domaine Javier - a transgender woman - was expelled from her nursing program at California Baptist University (CBU) in Riverside. The 24-year-old student revealed on the show that she is biologically male, inciting a major roadblock in her career path.

The private university claims that Javier was expelled for “committing or attempting to engage in fraud, or concealing identity” and for presenting false or misleading information in university judicial processes, reports The Press-Enterprise. Javier, who has identified herself as a female since she was a toddler, did so on her CBU application form.

“I didn’t do anything wrong,” said Javier. “They said, ‘On your application form you put ‘female.’ And I was like, ‘Yeah, that’s how I see myself.’”

The expulsion became effective on August 30, just one week before Javier was slated to begin the nursing program. She had recently transferred to CBU from Riverside City College (RCC). “Devastated” by her expulsion, Javier returned to RCC but cannot enter the nursing program until next fall. “This totally ruined my career path,” she said. “I’ve been trying to finish as soon as possible.” Her graduation will be delayed by at least one year.

Mark Wood, an attorney with San Francisco-based Transgender Law Center, says that, although California law prohibits employment, housing, government, insurance and other types of discrimination based upon gender identity, private universities are generally not covered by the discrimination law.

Fraud my ass. Essentialist binary sex is the fraud.

So let’s find all the people in charge of this motion and throw them into a spiked pit where they will lose all of their lives

Well she should sue them for false advertisement and fraudulent, misleading information.

They market themselves as a good and compassionate school.

This is so not okay.

(Source: transfeminism)

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    This breaks my heart.
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    This is so not okay.
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    Well she should sue them for false advertisement and fraudulent, misleading information. They market themselves as a...
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    This is despicable, and it is ridiculous that private universities are exempt from discrimination laws.
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    A friend of mine got kicked out of school for the same reason. Makes me furious.
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    :( Just feel like crying all of a sudden. Gah.
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    Edited to fix the cissexist language. I don’t even fucking have the words.
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